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Digital Video Production
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Today, we are witnessing the birth of a revolution in the art of motion picture making. Until now, the cost of the "paint and brushes" for the art form of motion picture making were affordable to only a select few. The evolution of low-cost, high-resolution DV cameras and computerized editing equipment, however, has brought movie making to the masses. No longer are "Hollywood Budgets" required to realize the dream of filmmaking. Films with modest budgets such as Pieces of April and Tadpole can compete on equal footing with the best that Hollywood has to offer.


Black Spur Productions was formed for the express purpose of leading that revolution. We are specialists in the kind of "guerilla" production and post production techniques called for in this revolutionary new way of making movies. While having a firm command of the new DV production and post production techniques, we also have a firm foundation in all of the traditional film and video production. methodologies. Now, you're vision can be realized in DV for a fraction of the cost of conventional film making.

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Black Spur Productions is an established, full service film and video production and post production company situated in the heart of Hollywood. But Black Spur Productions is a boutique company catering to a more select clientele allowing us to specialize in fullfilling your personal vison. Using Digital Video cameras and computerized non-linear editing techniques, we have the experience, resources, and skills to realize your unique vison. You provide the dream and Black Spur Productions will provide the keys to making that dream a reality.

Let Black Spur Productions help you realize your dreams.



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